01. Umarete Kitekurete Arigatou
02. Lillium (Music Box)
03. Last Remote (Piano)
04. Dear You (Original)
05. Just Be Friends - ShounenT

Kira | México | 16 | I like to draw.

Umineko | KHR | Free! | Touhou | Pokémon | Ao no Exorcist | and others.

WARNING: Currenly really obsessed over Umineko.

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chibi/semi-chibi ene for your ene needs!! and it’s transparent uwu/

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. happy slighty belated birthday, my prince ; v ; /

Mikagura School Suite’s character designs are simply beautiful!! I want to read the manga and the novel but i cant find it translated ;v… Anyway, super flashy and colorful protag for you! ` v ´

I made a side blog! @kirakidesu

Yup, I made a new sideblog, @kirakidesu in which I’ll reblog stuff and drawings from other people and maybe my own art ’ v ‘

I’ll leave this blog only for my art and a few reblogs, but they will be tagged. Well, that! Thank you all ovo~


I’m late as always but! It’s done!! It’s my first time using emofuri (and gifcam too) so it’s far from perfect but. I’m quite pleased with the results!

Happy (slightly belated) birthday, bunny boy! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

cute girlfriends + cute bright colors ooooooooooo


can you see it now, kanon?

super sketchy otp, i’m gomen

I hope I’m not late to join the Mogeko Defense Scarf Squad, because they are a cutie and shall be protected at any cost!! They are lovely, and because all the things that happened I really wish they are ok right now;; Soo, TGG main girls for they! uwu )/