01. Umarete Kitekurete Arigatou
02. Lillium (Music Box)
03. Last Remote (Piano)
04. Dear You (Original)
05. Just Be Friends - ShounenT

Kira | México | 16 | I like to draw.

Umineko | KHR | Free! | Touhou | Pokémon | Ao no Exorcist | and others.

WARNING: Currenly really obsessed over Umineko.

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u made me cry in the Shimon Arc, little fucker, but i still love you        //i’m very proud how this has turned out omg


totsuka takeru

…………………………………. totsuka. takeru.

is like a weird combination between totsuka tatara and kusuhara takeru and both are cuties and has the voice of a precious nerd aka shoichi

but actual totsuka takeru is an asshole

i’m in love


so i made a thing for one of my friends last night for my brush settings and ive gotten a few asks before about them so I thought Id share! These are the ones i use most often ye

Custom SAI brushes that I use (like chalk and spray) can be found here

this new style is really fun to use omg

a little boy for my mommy, who isn’t feeling that good now, hope you like your shotayoshi uvu



Guilherme Leão he is from the brazilian subway security from the city of São Paulo and is also a model (1/2)

i’m laughing







Every single person needs to reblog this. No, it will not ruin your blog, it will make it a million times better. 

So much respect. And sadness. He’s trying so hard to stay strong.

i’m tearing :/


No, no, this is horrible. You see, the flag will go to the husband or wife of the deceased soldier as next of kin. This flag is going to the son.

Both of his parents are gone.

I had to reread that last comment on this a few times and when I realized what that meant and my heart just fell through the fucking floor

Battora onii-chan will fall!! FALL FALL, UU-UU~!!

Drawing Maria always, always makes me happy ; u ;


the princess, now in color (◡‿◡✿)

and i know is horrible, please, forgive me ( ; ω ;)




this lamp. this GOD DAMN lamp. it makes me so mad. like was that really necessary 

It’s about as straight as anything else in this game.