01. Umarete Kitekurete Arigatou
02. Lillium (Music Box)
03. Last Remote (Piano)
04. Dear You (Original)
05. Just Be Friends - ShounenT

Kira | México | 16 | I like to draw.

Umineko | KHR | Free! | Touhou | Pokémon | Ao no Exorcist | and others.

WARNING: Currenly really obsessed over Umineko.

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Hi guys! :D me and Riiya are opening our online store! :D And to celebrate it, we’re doing a free art request giveaway! :D


1. There will be 2 winners, 1 will receive a free art from Riiya and another one from me (kao).

2. Likes and reblogs both count! (You can reblog as…


The squeal to This post, Satanick and his snapchats.


Is Nintendo’s Iwata even real?


We’re not so different you and I

30 Day Kagerou Project Challenge 

DAY 04: Your male character:

Shuuya Kano


The PV for Izayoi Seeing is nearly complete, and Last Note plans to upload it simultaneously at Youtube and NND on Friday, September 19, at 20:00 or 8 pm Japan time! It’s Asuhi’s song, but a variety of characters also appear!image

YEAYEAYEAYEA thank you all!!! all of you make me happy everyday! /) u (\


types of matter


if the mekakushi dan had blogs(ノ≧∀≦)ノ
inspired by [x]

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