01. Umarete Kitekurete Arigatou
02. Lillium (Music Box)
03. Last Remote (Piano)
04. Dear You (Original)
05. Just Be Friends - ShounenT

Kira | México | 17 | I like to draw.

mostly KagePro, Mogeko, Umineko and KHR.

WARNING: Currenly

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hai hai China chocho yumegokochi Yi Er fankurabu—

i’m so sorry for not drawing KHR in a long time sobs

Byakuran with palette number 16 please! c:


ttttttthank u anon it’s not like i really enjoyed drawing him or something

reborn, 18.

reborn for you, cute anon! this is a really cute palette, the right one for a cute hitman baby (´⌣`ʃƪ) (?)

i wil tell you a story: at first, i thought shouichi’s eyes were brown

ok you can keep scrolling that was the story i am the worst fangirl///

I always wanted to do one of those Screencap Redraw thing, so I did one of Shouichi \o/ Because he needs more love ksdjnfknsdk. It was really fun to draw, I think I’ll do more someday :’)

u made me cry in the Shimon Arc, little fucker, but i still love you        //i’m very proud how this has turned out omg

this new style is really fun to use omg

a little boy for my mommy, who isn’t feeling that good now, hope you like your shotayoshi uvu

remember that cheesy B26/High School Musical comic? well i was thinking

if fran is gabriella

and bel is troy

we needed the evans

i’m sorry

The little king [Happy Birthday, Byakuran!]

Let’s fulfill Byakuran’s dominate-the-world dream in his birthday as my gift for him u v u


You are the best, auntie uvu (omfg years since last time i told you that way) And I hope you had an awesome day full of hugs and gifts and BISHIES /o/

So yeah, as your gift, there is a Genkishi for you, because I know you love him uvu

Happy birthday, you adorable grannie (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧